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Apartment: Daugavgrivas Street

RENTED OUT 06.01.2013. Condominium style apartment. Right in between the city centre and Riga Stradins University, close to the river Daugava and shopping mall Olimpia.

Apartment: Close to RSU- Ilguciems

(Rented Out) On Bullu street (5 minutes from RSU)- a three room apartment (2 isolated rooms) with kitchen, separate toilet & bathroom.

Admission Requirements RSU

In the article you can read about the admissions requirements in specifics for the international students.

Apartment: Close to RSU- Rented Out

Apartment available on Imantas Street with two isolated bedrooms, one common room, kitchen, toilet and a bathroom. Very close to Riga Stradins University. Price 200 LVL + utilities